WinnerMicro CEO unveiled IngDan Link 2.0 during its Launch Event
  • Time:2017.12.20

On Sept 28th, IngDan held the “IngDan Link 2.0 Conference” and announced ¥100 Million to subsidize the hardware upstream supply chain

Two years since its founding, IngDan has become the worlds largest e-Commerce platform for corporate procurement of electronic components in China. IngDan has already successfully facilitated over 13,000 IoT projects and built a vast supplier network of over 14,000 suppliers. IngDan CMO Ms. Liu Hongjiao announced the “IngDan Poly-Investment 100” strategy. IngDan Technology, along with ecosystem partners, launched a special value promotion service for start-up innovative IoT enterprises. The 100 selected IoT enterprises will receive a one-stop solution to problems of manufacturing, market, capital, and technology faced by these company

The unveiling ceremony was presided over by WinnerMicro CEO Mr. Li Qing, IngDan CMO Ms. Liu Hongjiao, IngDan Vice President of Research and Development, Deputy Director of Laboratory Fu Ke, and IngDan Link Senior Manager of Business He Shunyi.

The post-upgrade IngDan Link service will be divided into Q Link, Link, and Link+. Using the model of economic sharing, IngDan plans to create the Uber of manufacturing where suppliers have to grab the order, thus optimizing the allocation of manufacturing resources. IngDan will also announce the ¥100 Million subsidies for suppliers to boost the upgrading of traditional industries. For creative projects with promising futures, IngDan will provide free mould-opening services to encourage entrepreneurs to go further. In addition, the IngDan Link will be completely free for all smart device hardware entrepreneurs. Integrating resources from R&D, Mould-Opening to every aspect of production, IngDan will provide and assist entrepreneurs in finding the best resources.

Since IngDan’s founding in 2014, WinnerMicro has maintained good strategic partnership relations with IngDan.

As one of the few Chinese domestic companies with independent R&D abilities and intellectual property on the design of embedded Wi-Fi SoC chip, WinnerMicro has produced a series of well received smart home solutions and its chips are known for its high performance and stability under complex environments. The company has established a great reputation in the industry.

After the conference, WinnerMicro CEO Mr. Li Qing exchanged views with the delegates of major manufacturing brands on the Internet of Things. He encouraged entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies to use technology to solve the difficulties in this industry. By improving user experience, enhancing user loyalty, companies could take the preemptive opportunities in this multi-billion industry. WinnerMicro will focus all human resources to continue to develop new products and to provide the industry with low-cost, high-performance embedded Wi-Fi SoC chips. WinnerMicro is willing to partner up with industry leaders, using the IngDan Link 2.0 and other platforms and channels, to provide IoT manufacturers with basic wireless solutions and Turnkey solutions. Partnerships, on the one hand, could assist the IoT manufacturers by speeding up the process, on the other hand, ensure more people could experience the benefits of the world of IoT. WinnerMicro hopes to transform the concept of IoT into actual products and eventually translated into a high quality user experience. By exploring and embracing the multi-billion IoT market, the industry could build China’s IoT ecology and mankind would greatly be benefitted.

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